News 2015


Ghada ended last year's exhibition season more than successfully. This season was very short because of puppies. But sometimes less is more and so Ghada was logged in only one show which was double CACIB show in Wels (Austria) on the weekend 5.-6.12. On Saturday Ghada got note Exc. 1, CACA, CACIB, BOS (judge Uschi Eisner, A) and on Sunday even Exc. 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB (judge Sabine Jacobs, RZV-D). Ghada ended title Interchampion C.I.E. !!!

31.10.2015 - Armik's show premiere

IDS in Prague and first show of Armed and dangerous Ghipinaldo in puppy class. Result very promising 1. I would like to congratulate and thank Armik's owners.


Today A litter puppies celebrate half-yearly B-day. We wish them all the best. On photo our sweetie Addicted to you Ghipinaldo.


We enjoyed summer training camp in Švábov with Hanka and Agi (Against all odds G.). Also Night (A hard day's night G.) came on Saturday. More pics here and I thank Hanka very much for them.


And they say that Loch Ness monster doesn't exists.


New photos by Asleep in the desert aka Zibu.


All puppies are in new homes. But puppy female Addicted to you stays with us so she will make us happy.


As the saying goes "they are good while sleeping." And while not...well they're sweethearts yet.

23.5.2015 - Eight weeks

The eighth week with puppies ends and for us a big leave-taking started. Some puppies are already in new families, so far we have only great news how fine they are doing. We wish a happy life to all and patience to owners and a lot of joy with our little devils.

16.5.2015 - Seven weeks

Puppies enter the eighth week of life and first of them goes to new family. Little girl AGAINST ALL ODDS GHIPINALDO will live in Moravia, where she will have two hovawart friends and where hopefully will bring joy to her new owner Hanka. Have a nice time, be happy and see you soon our little girl :-).

10.5.2015 - Video

You can watch video of our very cheerful pups here.

9.5.2015 - Six weeks

The sixth week was mainly in sign of visits. Puppies enjoyed that very much and they got new toys which we thank for. New pics here and in single photo galleries.

2.5.2015 - Five weeks

Big news for our puppies was moving into a large room where they can rage more than before. Except photo shooting we also record videos so you can look at one right here. Pics as always here.


Puppies are one month old so I created to the anniversary their own sites with photo gallery. Click here .

25.4.2015 - Four weeks

As can be seen from the photos our pups spend time outside where they love it. Pics here.

18.4.2015 - Three weeks

Time passes quickly and puppies are three weeks. They're trying first plays not only with toys but also with siblings. In short, they begin to be really fun. New pics as always here.

11.4.2015 - Two weeks and names

Puppies are two weeks old. Mom and her milk is still a priority for them. They are sleeping or eating most of the day but they begin to explore the world around and also siblings. All of them have open eyes and they were dewormed. New pics of puppies here.

Puppies already have names. The inspiration for us was the music. Boys: A hard day's night Ghipinaldo (dark blue), A question of lust Ghipinaldo (grey), Across the universe Ghipinaldo (light blue), All about that bass Ghipinaldo (black), Armed and dangerous Ghipinaldo (brown), Arrested for driving Ghipinaldo (orange), Asleep in the desert Ghipinaldo (green) and girls: Addicted to you Ghipinaldo (yellow), Against all odds Ghipinaldo (red).

2.4.2015 - New pictures

A lot of new pics here.

28.3.2015 - We introduce - litter A

Puppies are here. Ghada was doing well during the whole birth and we are very proud of her and we thank her for such gifts. The whole gang is in black and tan coat and includes seven boys and two princesses.

23.3.2015 - We're going to the final...

Our pregnant sweetie's enjoying the last few days before giving birth.


I've made some pictures of Picasso (13 and half years old). More pics you can find here.

17.2.2015 - Pregnancy confirmed !!

Today's ultrasound examination showed that the trip to Germany had been successful. Ghada is pregnant.

26.1.2015 - Ghada was mated !!

This weekend we made a trip to Germany to wonderful and mentality amazing hovawart Joker vom Hundsbühl (see photos). Love at first sight, Joker is simply impressive dog. We hope that the mating will not remain without results.


Happy year 2015 to our friends and our website visitors.