News 2016


Some xray results of C and D puppies are here. Crocodile rock, Candle in the wind and Double talkin' jive all have HD A and ED 0/0. We are happy and keeping fingers crossed for next C and D litter kids.

3.12.2016 - Visit

We visited Zibu so new photos are here. What to say? Simply he's a beautiful dog. We would like to thank the owners for great care. More photos here.


Happy Birthday my dearest and beloved Ghada. Love you so much.

5.11.2016 - New photos

New photos of walking around sand lakes zde.

23.10.2016 - Exams

Our cleverest Týdenka has successfully passed her first exam BH.

1.-2.10.2016 - IDS Tulln

Ghada attended two shows in Austria and results are V1, CACA, r. CACIB on Saturday and V2, r. CACA on Sunday.

28.9.2016 - 18 months

Hard to believe that our A litter is one and half year old already. I would like to thank to owners for sending me such nice pics - A hard day's night, Against all odds, Arrested for driving, Asleep in the desert and Armed and dangerous.

25.9.2016 - Agi

Against all odds Ghipinaldo aka Agi on show in Brno. First time in adult class and title is here Exc. 1, CAC. Congratulations and many thanks to Hanka.

23.9.2016 - C.I.E.

Ghada officially received the title Interchampion C.I.E.


Next xray results are great again. Across the universe, Armed and dangerous HD A and ED 0/0 and Asleep in the desert HD A. Big thank and congratulations to the owners.


First xray results are here. Addicted to you, Against all odds, Arrested for driving and A hard day's night all have HD A and ED 0/0. We are happy and keeping fingers crossed for next A litter kids.

14.-15.5.2015 - Weekend with HW

There was a club show on Saturday and Ghada got note Excellent 3 in champion class. On Sunday our A litter pups participated in the assessment of young dogs namely Against all odds - Agi, Arrested for driving - Dasty, A hard day's night - Night, Armed and dangerous - Armík and our honey Addicted to you. I would like to thank the owners for participation. Photos here.


With deep sorrow we announce that our big friend Picasso died :-(((

7.4.2016 - Visit

We visited A litter boy Dasty (Arrested for driving) from which really grows a handsome dog. We would like to thank the owners for great care. Next pics are here.

28.3.2016 - Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to A litter Ghipinaldo !!

13.3.2016 - Defence

Týda has been enjoying defence today. Photos here.

9.3.2016 - Girls games

New pics of our girls playing together here.

5.3.2016 - Show

Týdenka (Addicted to you) attended show in ČB in young class where she got note Excellent 1 and young class winner.

28.1.2016 - New photos

Our puppies are 10 months old and so new pics are here by A hard day's night, Across the universe and Against all odds.