News 2017

18.12.2017 - Genetic eyes diseases examination

Týda was examined on the genetic eye illnesses and she is fully free from them. We are happy :-).

9.-10.12.2017 - Nitra

Christmas double show and wonderful weekend (hotel, food, meeting with friends). Týdenka got notes Exc. 2, r.CAC on Saturday and Exc. 1, CAC on Sunday.


Happy B-day to Ghada !!!

12.10.2017 - New stud male !!

Armed and dangerous Ghipinaldo became a new stud male. If you need more info please contact me.

1.10.2017 - Bonitation

Addicted to you and Armed and dangerous passed bonitation mentality and exteriour test with flying colours. Already four puppies from A litter became breeding dogs. I'm very happy.

23.9.2017 - Club show

Against all odds Ghipinaldo aka Agi got CAC on club show and then became a club winner and in the end Best of breed. I would like to thank the owner Hanka that she showed Agi on this show. And of course my big congratulations !

30.9.2017 - Walking with puppies

When last three puppies go for a walk. Pictures here.


Hard to believe but our little lions will be eight weeks old tomorrow. They slowly start to move into new homes and for us it will be a sad time but we do believe that they will have a wonderful life. Fortunately they will not go to the new families at one time and some will be yet with. New photos here.

9.9.2017 - 6 weeks

The puppies are six weeks old, they are nice rascals and they are very happy with every visit. New photos here.

30.8.2017 - New photos

Time with puppies flies sooo quickly. They are four and half weeks old and they are smarter and smarter. You can look at new pictures here.

15.8.2017 - Collars and names

We take the process of selecting names for puppies very responsibly. Again, traditionally the music was the inspiration. And because Ghada is still so busy (maternity is no holiday) so I asked Týda for help but the work was a bit long and so boring for her. Let me introduce namely the litter B. Boys: Bang a boomerang, Both sides of the story, Breaking the habit, Broken strings. Girls: Baba O'Riley, Behind the mask, Bitter sweet symphony, Bohemian Rhapsody, Bungle in the jungle. Not to forget. New collars suit them.

12.8.2017 - New photos

The puppies are two weeks old and they thrive well. All have open eyes, walking is safer and safer day by day and mum's milky bar is still number one. Today, the little lions (working name according to the zodiac sign) had a great photo shooting. You can look at their entry to the third week here.

29.7.2017 - WE HAVE PUPPIES !!

With great pleasure we would like you to know that litter B was born in our kennel. More information and pictures here. Next pictures will be continuously added.

25.6.2017 - IPO-VO exam

Týdenka (Addicted to you) passed her first 300p exam. We are proud of our girl.

20.6.2017 - Pregnancy confirmed !!

Today's ultrasound test has showed us that the trip to Germany was succesfull. Ghada is pregnant.

18.6.2017 - New stud male !!

Asleep in the desert Ghipinaldo aka Zibu became a new stud male. If you need more info please contact me.

10.6.2017 - Bonitation

Our great kids Against all odds and Asleep in the desert passed bonitation mentality and exteriour test with flying colours. Congratulations to the owners.

27.5.2017 - Ghada was mated !!

We made a trip to Germany to a wonderful hovi male IPO3 Miro von der Jagsthöhe. The mating happened without any problems and now it's time to wait to ultrasound test.

10.4.2017 - New photos

Týdenka enjoys the water. Photos here.

28.3.2017 - 2nd B-day

Happy B-day to our "A" litter babies. Mum and sister on the picture.


All about that bass has been xrayed and the result is simply great: HD A a ED 0/0. We are happy and thanks a lot to the owners.

25.2.2017 - New photos

My friend Blanka came with her staffie Morgan and made really brilliant photos of Tyda. All pics are on Addicted to you.