News 2019


Happy 3rd Birthday to B litter.


Addicted to you Ghipinaldo passed IBGH 1 exam. Our super girl !!


Our D litter celebrates small birthday today. They are 6 months old and we wish them good health. We thank the owner of Era (Double rainbow) for sending photos here. It would be nice if also other owners of our puppies contact us and send some photos, not only from the D litter.


Happy Birthday to you our beloved and wonderful Ghada.


Dance into the light aka Draco has new photos here. Big thank to Petra.


New photos Crocodile rock here, Counting stars here, Catcher in they rye here, Double rainbow here a Dark horse here. I would like to thank the owners..


All puppies are already by their new families. Wishing the whole D litter good luck and very happy and long life.


Four weeks with puppies passed so quickly and we have a lot of news. Puppies left the birth box to go to their big playground room in the house and to the garden where they spend most time of the day. And they finally have their names. Boys: Dance into the light, Dark horse, Dear Mr. President, Demolition man, Don't stop me now, Double talkin' jive. Girls: Dancing queen, Double rainbow. Many new pics as always here.


New pics of two week old puppies here.

11.5.2019 - Hovawart special show

Against all odds Exc. 2, r. CAC in champion class. Congrats to the owner Hanka and thank you. Judge Beatrice Holder (D).

10.5.2019 - WE HAVE PUPPIES !!

With great pleasure we would like you to know that litter D was born in our kennel. We have 6 boys (3 b&t, 3 black) and 2 girls (black). At the moment we're taking reservations for boys only. More information and pictures here. Next pictures will be continuously added.


Crocodile rock aka Gucci has new photos here and Counting stars aka Kelssie here. Big thanks to the owners.


All C litter puppies are in their new homes. We wish them a lot of health and fun with their owners and a lot of patience to the owners.


Our friend Blanka came to visit our puppies and took some beautiful pics of them. We thank a lot. The puppies will be six weeks old on Thurdsay, time passes incredibly quickly, soon they will be chipped, vaccinated and breeding advisor will come for litter control. New pics of puppies here.


We are expecting last puppies from our Enormous Garish Ghada (pregnancy confirmed) and beautiful and great mentality male Falko des Trois Petits Diables (full German pedigree). More info here.


Happy Birthday to A litter and especially to our girl Týda (Addicted to you Ghipinaldo) !!!


New photos of puppies here.


Puppies are more than one week old. Their main activity of the day is eating, sleeping, eating and sleeping. Some of them have already started to open their eyes so probably soon they will see the big world around them. New pictures are here.

28.2.2019 - WE HAVE PUPPIES !!

With great pleasure we would like you to know that litter C was born in our kennel. We have 4 b&t girls and 1 b&t boy and 1 blond boy. More information and pictures here. Next pictures will be continuously added.


Aik Carpathia Heart - future father of our C litter. Photos here.

4.2.2019 - PUPPIES !!!

We can gladly inform you that our Addicted to you Ghipinaldo was mated in the end of December and now we can proudly say that the puppies are on the way. More info here.


Asleep in the desert aka Zibu has new pics.

15.1.2019 - X-ray

Bungle in the jungle Ghipinaldo was x-rayed with best results HD A, ED 0/0. Congrats and thanks a lot.


Happy New Year to all our friends and our website visitors.